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About Us

Bringing the gift of beeswax to your kitchen

The Becca's Beeswax team has been a community long before the launch of this business in 2022. Since college, our group of friends has been invested in sustainable ways of living, and using beeswax wrap was a staple. During those years, it was only being produced in Canada and Europe and available solely online. Now, as adults, our team is thrilled to bring beeswax wrap to the Upstate using locally-sourced materials. 

Collecting Pollen from Flower

Our Story

Our story began in the Fall of 2017 when founding members of our team, Becca and Celia studied abroad during their fall semester at Furman University. That fall, Becca studied wildlife ecology and conservation biology in South Africa while Celia studied sustainability science in Denmark. While Celia was learning in arguably one of the most sustainably-oriented nations in the world, Becca witnessed the fallout of unsustainable water infrastructure in Cape Town. Both witnessed and were deeply moved by the intrinsic behaviors, mindsets, and ways of life that determine sustainability, and were motivated to challenge such habits when they returned to Furman the following spring semester as roommates. 

Upon settling into their apartment in January of 2018, Becca was very intrigued by one of Celia's new habits from Denmark: using beeswax wrap! This was the spark of a deep appreciation of beeswax wrap and other day-to-day habits that were commonplace in Becca and Celia's apartment. Little did we ever expect to bring this wonderful product into production on our own just four years later. 

While remaining close friends for the years that followed, Becca and Celia both graduated from Furman in the Spring of 2019 with Bachelors of Science in Biology and Sustainability Science, respectively. The first couple of years following graduation, both traveled and works many jobs before ultimately finding their permanent home back in Greenville, South Carolina by January, 2022. 

In the summer of 2022, Becca completed her Masters in Environmental Science and realized she needed something new to fill her time. So, she began making her own beeswax wraps for presents intended for friends and family. While it was easy to decide what she wanted to make, manufacturing beeswax wrap proved to be very technical and presented many opportunities for trial and error. Thankfully, she is married to her wonderful, patient, quality engineer husband, Daniel, who paved the way for making the product what it is today. What happened next remains to be a great surprise: by November many people asked to buy beeswax wraps as gifts for the holiday season!


This marks the moment that Becca realized she could have a small business on her hands and she proceeded by applying to the TR Farmers Market. Upon her acceptance she was elated and immediately realized that she needed assistance because she still has a full-time career. This is the point in which Celia stepped in and became Becca's partner in manufacturing, sales, and determining the trajectory of this remarkable adventure. 

Today our team works to manage orders, attend markets, and work with local stores to sell Becca's Beeswax Wrap. The last member of our team that has done heavy lifting in terms of our branding, design, and image is Olivia Quick. Olivia is another dear friend from Furman who is a graphic design artist in the Upstate that has been doing freelance work to help this small business develop its image. 

Together we make the best of all the worker bees and we are so grateful for all of our friends, family, customers, and community that have made us what we are today. 

Meet The Team

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